Find Gym’s founder.. an ex-soldier, personal trainer, physiotherapist (& professional weekend powerlifter) travelled throughout the United Kingdom (UK) & sought out various local gyms but could never find a gym database which amalgamated these into a user friendly service.

Alas! Findgyms.co.uk is the answer to tackling those frustrations of locating quality gyms that cater for individual training needs all throughout the UK!

Tired of the same gym? Search 1000’s of options to find gyms | Reputable, branded & independent, local gyms | See reviews or get in on the chat in our community forum!


Our Core Values

Community focus
Our main aim is to build a community that thrives on engagement, respect for others & continual learning from each others experiences.
With this in mind, Find Gyms UK’s deepest value is to put members at the heart of everything we do.

A value strongly embedded within our ethos. We believe services nowadays can get very complex, very quickly.
Our services aim to do exactly what they say on the tin:

• Find Gyms in a simple, user friendly manner.
• Continually improve the most engaging Fitness & Wellbeing Community online today.

Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things.
We aim to achieve both with excellence in order to provide a service worthy of repeat custom.

We aim to be effective, every time.

In a world full of pivotal environmental & social change, we aim to have a positive impact on both through our business sustainability model. We’re in this for the long run!

Improvement & Innovation
We believe the key to our success is our ability to evolve inline with our member’s needs. Old Military values don’t escape us here; adapt & overcome in times of adversity!