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About Us

Our Mission

We aim to improve health & education for the entire population of the United Kingdom (UK).

To help achieve this we have the largest, most diverse gym directory within the UK, alongside our social media, gym tips & all the gym equipment/supplement deals you’ll ever need with our affiliates.

Find Gyms UK locates quality gyms & gym equipment that cater for individual training needs all throughout the UK.

Tired of the same gym? Want your own gym equipment?

Search 1000’s of options to find gyms & gym equipment from reputable (franchised & independent) gym companies.

Our Aims

To Forge an online community that shares & learns from each other’s expertise, skills, knowledge & experiences;

To Improve the accountability and credibility of gyms within the directory through publishing feedback on services;

To Identify quality service and best practice among gyms within the directory;

To Promote gyms within the directory and services associated with the fitness industry to the public, isolating poor practices/service.

Our Core Values

Community focus
Our main aim is to build a community that thrives on engagement, respect for others & continual learning from each others experiences.

With this in mind, Find Gyms UK’s deepest value is to put members at the heart of everything we do.

A value strongly embedded within our ethos. We believe services nowadays can get very complex, very quickly.

Our services aim to do exactly what they say on the tin:

• Find Gyms & Gym Equipment in a simple, user friendly manner.

Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things.

We aim to achieve both with excellence in order to provide a service worthy of repeat custom.

We aim to be effective, every time.

In a world full of pivotal environmental & social change, we aim to have a positive impact on both. We’re in this for the long run! Click here to see our hosts outstanding sustainable business practices.

Improvement & Innovation
We believe the key to our success is our ability to evolve inline with our member’s needs. Old Military values don’t escape us here; adapt & overcome in times of adversity!

Last of all.. Laugh!
Life’s too short to be a killjoy! Trust me, I’m a Physio.

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Happy browsing 🙂