FG Blog

Hi there!

I’m Tim, founder of Find Gyms UK. If you’ve made it this far, nice to meet you!

I’m a massive fan of wildlife, the great outdoors, family, camping & all things to do with keeping fit, ranging from strongman & powerlifting to swimming, cycling & mountaineering. However, my biggest love?.. you guessed it, sight hounds! (especially when I’m absolutely shattered & they flat out refuse to take themselves over country stiles 🙂 They really do make everything better)

I’m a huge fan of Rock n’ Roll.. in all it’s forms. Whatever the mood there’s always something to match, ranging from The Beatles right through to the iconic Ronnie James Dio & the legends that were Oasis! (Liam, Noel, Bonehead.. sort it out guys!)

I served my time in the British Army & now I’m a Physiotherapist & Professional Weekend Powerlifter. Bearing all that in mind, I feel there may still be a few brain cells left up there to call upon if the occasion rises.

Anyway, I hope to share some insightful & perhaps somewhat educated information here as time goes on. The odd knowledge bomb or two may also be en route to help you along your own epic health & fitness journey.

Please feel free to get involved in the community forum & share your experience, knowledge, expertise, gym deals & banter too! Let’s build this community together.

All the best & I hope to be seeing you soon.