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DMoose – Ab Roller Wheel With Elbow Support



DMoose did send me this to review, however I’m free to criticize it as much as I like 😊
What follows is an honest, unbiased review.
Feel free to skip to the sections below if you’re on a time limit.

DMoose Ab Roller Wheel with Elbow Support



1. Delivery/Condition on Arrival

2. Technical Specifications

3. Build Quality

4. Ergonomic Rating

5. Adaptability

6. WOW Factor

7. Longevity

8. Price

9. Final Verdict


Delivery/Condition on Arrival

This came shipped from Amazon, so expect super-fast, undamaged, reliable delivery.



Technical Specifications

This is advertised as 1.8kg.
It came in just a bit higher than that on our Salter scales:
1.9kg/1908grams (in comparison a normal straight bar roller weighs around 675grams on average).

Weight Capacity:
It’s rated to supporting up to 150kg or 330lbs.

Total Height: 18cm/7inches
Total Width: 41cm/16inches
Total Length: 37cm/14.5inches
Wheels (Width 10cm/4”, Depth 7″/17.8cm)

Build Material/s:
There’s rubber coating on the steel tire.
The stainless steel handles are coated with a soft cushion-like material.
Padded supports also provide a nice surface for the elbows to rest on.


Build Quality

This is like the Landrover Defender of ab wheels, i.e. it’s a sturdy bit of kit! The wheel itself is very thick – measuring in at 4inch in width. This provides plenty of stability. The plastic is tough enough to be used outdoors on concrete. The roll of the wheel is just as buttery smooth outdoors as it is on smooth carpet indoors.

There’s absolutely no wiggle or wobble rolling out, or back in again.

The plastic end caps did fall out of mine, but that made no difference to the overall comfort, fluidity of effectiveness of the wheel.

The wheel also comes with some circular pads, which to this day I have no idea what these are meant for. Please comment below and let me know if I’m being a bit special!


**Edit – it turns out I was being a bit slow here… The pads are supports for the knees! And side note – these are perfect for supporting the knees for any knee supported hamstring stretching when you’re on hard surfaces.


Ergonomic Rating

I can honestly say, this is the best ab roller that I’ve ever used. Due to the unique design of the handles and elbow supports there felt much less stress on my wrists.

With generic ab rollers, I find that my hip flexors can be too dominant (this most likely due to my body being battered from years of abuse). I didn’t have that issue with this one though. I think that’s mostly due to the different moment arms, resulting from the resting elbow position. I could attempt to go into the biomechanics of this but this isn’t the time or the place. Google it 🙂

I started with the kneeling roll outs, progressing to raised knee roll outs within 4 weeks. The Ab DOMs were very real with this – both upper AND lower!

Overall, I think this is a very good bit of kit for beginners, experts or those like myself who’s bodies feel like a bag of broken nails getting sledgehammered into oblivion in an attempt to fuse them back together.




So, this isn’t very adaptable per se. But then it doesn’t exactly need to be the Optimus Prime of all gym equipment! It does however allow you to adapt your level of strength and control more so than a bog standard two handle straight bar roller. This is due to the aforementioned optimised levers/moment arms. Simply put.. you can perform this exercise on your knees or in a plank type starting position with your knees elevated if you have a super strong core. The reduced stress on the wrists is also very much welcomed when using this daily.

And don’t worry if you’re a bit more of a girth machine than the average mortal… It’s got a weight capacity of up to 150kg/23.6stone.



WOW Factor

Hmm. I don’t know what else to say other than… Yep, this definitely has the WOW factor.




I’ve given this as much of a run as I felt it needed to test a moderate degree of longevity. This being one month! I have given it a run for its money though, being fairly careless when handling it. Throwing it in and out of the car, on and off the floor and as mentioned previously, trying it out on concrete and gravelled roads.

5/5 – though caveated with the limitations that one month’s testing undoubtedly poses.



DMoose’s ab roller is on offer at the moment on their website for $89 + free delivery within the US. Shipping costs will obviously apply for the UK/Rest of The World. This is however a very sturdy, robust ab roller (perhaps the sturdiest one on the market currently).

For my fellow UK users, I feel the cost of this is a bit on the high side if you compare it to other, more adaptable pieces of gym kit like suspension trainers that allow you to train pretty much every body part effectively. Take for example the TRX GO Suspension Trainer System, which is currently only £119.95 from Amazon at time of writing.

For the US based #fitfam, $89 is a decent price though for this in my opinion (IMO).


**Edit – this is now available on Amazon UK for £59.99!



To summarise… well, it’s an ab roller. It ain’t gonna change the world, fire you off in a rocket to space, or empower you with god like strength and eternal life.

It is however, a bloody good ab roller. IMO, the best that money can buy at the moment. And really, what else could you want from an ab roller??

In the words of MKBHD’s own Marcus Brownlee… reviews don’t bankrupt companies – products do. Good products make companies, bad products break companies.

Although this is on the pricier side of the equation, this is a very good product which achieves exactly what it says on the tin, in a very comfortable effective manner. Good job DMoose!

Total Rating: 4.43/5


Grab one below today and support the site 😊

DMoose Ab Roller with Elbow Support

Or find similar options at Amazon and check them out for yourself.


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Until next time, all the best! Signing out.




Whilst not writing for FGUK, Tim works as a Physiotherapist, Personal Trainer and is a Retired Ammunition Technician with the British Army. In his spare time Tim enjoys engaging in a whole variety of sports, spending considerable time with his little rascal of a dog, relaxing with his friends and family, but most of all.. geeking out on all things fitness!

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