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How To Avoid Skipping The Gym

(So You Make & Keep Those Gains!)


I’ve been there… watched the whole Rocky series in one night, bought all the gear on Amazon, downloaded all those cheesy 80’s tunes, then felt ready to conquer your own strength and fitness!

However, after a few weeks of smashing your newfound passion for life, the adrenaline filled epic 80’s montages start to feel less epic, and those sit up’s that you’ve been trying to do hanging down from the gym’s mezzanine (shout out to Stallone – Rocky IV) start to feel like they may not be the most appropriate exercise to start out with.

Your body starts to ache in places that you’ve not felt since that footy match you had back in your 20’s, and your enthusiasm and commitment to your newfound life of fitness start to wane.

So, how do you stay on the gain train that you were so keen to commit to when you started out?

Here’s some simple tips that may just help to keep you on track.



Check out our article on these here for more info.


Ok, so we all get those first-time gym nerves and say to ourselves ‘what if I don’t know what to do on the gym equipment’, ‘will I look like an idiot’, ‘will people laugh at me’, ‘will people judge me’. These feelings soon disappear if you apply SMART goals, get a gym induction or hire a Personal Trainer to show you the ropes.

If you’re starting out for the first time and don’t feel confident in a gym, then perhaps a hardcore ‘spit n’ sawdust’ gym may not be the best choice for you! Although, in general these ‘spit n’ sawdust’ gyms do get a bad rep, as they can be incredibly friendly, supportive, encouraging and motivating places to be! If this isn’t your thing, consider a more nationally established chain of ‘Health Clubs’.


Make sure they are experienced and have good reviews too, because as with any trade, there are some that get their qualification out of a cereal box (potentially showing my age there, are toys even in cereal boxes anymore?).

I’d recommend asking other gym members for their opinions/experiences with PT’s and look online for reviews.

Extra qualifications like Strength & Conditioning Coach, Physiotherapist and Sports Therapist tend to be a good indicator that they are a cut above the rest. They will also understand and be able to competently work around any niggly acute or more chronic injuries that you may discover.


Try to avoid weighing yourself/mirror checking/body fat checking or testing whatever it is your wanting to achieve too often. Major results do not occur in the short term. Measuring too often can be quite disheartening if you’re not seeing quick results. You’ll have seen every online PT under the sun say, ‘consistency is the key’. Well, to be honest.. it is! Long term.

If you’ve read our SMART Goal article, you’ll see that we recommend using outcome measures sparingly. I’d suggest measuring yourself at the start of a program, then at the three-month point. You’ll be much happier when you see significant results in the long term. In the short term? Use those positive endorphins that training provides to fuel you on to your next workout.


If you find people with similar goals and motivations to yourself, you’re much more likely to avoid driving straight home after work and you will make that detour to the gym. If you’re an early bird, you’ll likely have more motivation to venture out into those cold, dark, damp British winter mornings and feel like you’ve conquered the day before you’ve even stepped foot in work! Like minded friends also help you maintain accountability for your actions too!


Now that we’ve gone over the basics.. it’s time to pay the bills and send the shameless plugs!

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Until next time, all the best! Signing out.




Whilst not writing for FGUK, Tim works as a Physiotherapist, Personal Trainer and is a Retired Ammunition Technician with the British Army. In his spare time Tim enjoys engaging in a whole variety of sports, spending considerable time with his little rascal of a dog, relaxing with his friends and family, but most of all.. geeking out on all things fitness!

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