Populating Gyms

Computer Says No

Quick update:

Finally.. the majority of Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Strongman and CrossFit gyms in the United Kingdom (UK) have been populated on Find Gyms UK! Holy moly that was no mean feat by any means of the word.

It turns out cross referencing old weathered data to formulate an accurate database of UK gyms takes bags of concentration, organisation & time!

Many organisations have been found throughout this process that claim to find gyms near the user, producing results from an algorithm – ripping data from Google or Facebook. This then ends up with inaccurate, non-user friendly data.

Finding gyms online prior to the incorporation of Find Gyms UK resulted in too many of these inaccuracies, simply displaying incorrect data.

One of our aims is to tackle this issue.

For this reason, I hold back no punches when I claim that Find Gyms UK has the most accurate, up to date data on all of the gym categories above. No computer algorithm or technological advancement has captured incorrect data here. Just lots & lots of man hours sat at a desk, ringing round, searching websites & physically visiting locations (yes, I realise I probably need to get a life 🙂 ).

Perhaps I can now climb my way back into society and regain some normality! I feel like a hermit emerging from hibernation in a damp, cold, dark cave!

Anyways, here’s to us all adding to and keeping this data as up to date as possible now with our community input.

All the best, signing out.


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