UK Gyms Finally Open?!

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Historians will be talking about this epic event for centuries to come! Well ok, maybe that’s a bit farfetched. Fitness fanatics in the UK will however be talking about this for at least the next week (or two)!

This historic event forms part of the second stage of Boris’s roadmap to bring the nation out of lockdown. Technically, only gyms in England reopened at the start of this week. Gyms in Scotland are set to reopen April 26th, with gyms in Wales due date being May 10th.

Millions have eagerly awaiting this moment with bated breath!

Here’s a breakdown of what’s to come:

Indoor gyms and leisure facilities, such as swimming pools are now open. Some restrictions do however still apply to what activities can and can’t be undertaken at this time. This was touched upon in our previous article, however here are the take home points:

Social distancing is still in the rule books – gyms should encourage this through taping off of equipment at set distances, you can only train alone or with other members of your household, numbers permitted entry at any one time will be limited and you will have to go to town on your sanitisation drills before and after using each bit of equipment. Most gyms will also encourage you to wear a face mask in between the times when you’re blasting out another PR! Well, actually I stand corrected again.. PR’s may have to be put on hold as most gyms will actually be encouraging exercising with ‘lighter load’ to prevent heavy breathing as per the recommendations laid out by Europe Active.

Check out PureGym’s statement mirroring these here. If PureGym’s doing it, it’s likely other national chains will be quick to follow suit.

Further restrictions are laid out online by The National Governing Body for Group Exercise (EMD UK) here.

Ultimately, indoor classes along with saunas and steam rooms remain closed for business. These limitations will however be lifted in Boris’s third stage, come May 17th. I for one will relish the opportunity to stay in the sweat room as long as humanly possible! 🙂

May 17th is also the date that mixing indoors will be allowed which will mark a significant milestone in the re-introduction of some social normality. I think I speak for us all when I say it’s been a long time coming!

Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland

Gyms in Scotland will reopen April 26th for individual exercise, whereas indoor group exercise, outdoor contact sport and swimming pools will be permitted from May 17th.

If you’re one of the unfortunate souls whose gym falls within Wales, you’ll be waiting until May 3rd to finally get back to hitting the iron. Those eager to smash the classes will have to wait longer, as indoor group exercise will return on May 17th. This will however be limited to a maximum of 15 people per class.

And if you’re in the sunny lands of good ol’ Norn Iron’ then you’ll still be waiting in anticipation for clarification on the reopening of gyms. A glimmer of hope may be on the horizon though! Check out this article that suggests it could be as early as April 26th.

In summary, good times are ahead people!

All the best, signing out.


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