UK Lockdown – Gyms closed, again! Is Personal Training Still Legal?

Outdoor Personal Training

We live in strange, challenging times. No matter your demographic or income source I imagine you have felt the effect of Covid 19 in one way or another.

I’ve found the last year particularly testing in terms of maintaining my own health and fitness for various reasons, in part due to a fairly manic work life (the NHS has been working on all pistons – physio is no exception), but mainly due to the fact that gyms have been closed for the majority of the year in my area.

Now yes, I know.. find solutions, not problems blah blah blah. I’ve tackled this obstacle thus far by increasing my cardio training significantly, running and swimming outdoors, walking/jogging in the fells and dragging the hound up and down some arduous ascents (she loves it really 🙂 ).

I’m sure this has been good for my overall health.

None of this quite compares however, to ripping some heavy metal up from the floor with the triumphant vocals of the late, great Ronnie James Dio evoking an internal response that can only be matched by a pride of lions roaring out simultaneously at 1000 decibels (ok, maybe not 1000).

Or standing under the same piece of metal – feet, knees, hips, abs, chest and back all set; the mind convincingly repeating, YOU’VE GOT THIS!.. The little devil on the shoulder then penetrates deep into the soul, whispering those doubtful words ‘oh crikey, this is heavy! Focus then redirects again, as the fear evoked from voices of evil, compounded with the operatic, heavy metal, sound wave shattering vocals of Iron Maiden actually just injects more fuel into the ever burning furnace of the mind! The cue then drops.. ‘Squat’!

Ok.. Maybe I’ve got a little too enthusiastic thinking of powerlifting again. Perhaps even a bit off topic, as the purpose of my post is to ask the question:

UK gyms are closed, but are Personal Trainers (PT’s) still open for business?

The iron may be locked up, sinisterly lurking in the shadows waiting to unleash its epic forces of progressive overload on your Covid 19 wilted, deconditioned bodies – BUT the question is, can PT’s fill this void for you in your darkest of hours?

The answer is… well, maybe. Maybe not!

The link below details the current guidelines in the United Kingdom:

CIMPSA update:

I’ll heavily summarise for the of ease of reading..

  • Personal Training sessions CAN take place in a public outdoor space 1:1. This figure does not include children under 5 or up to 2 carers for those with continuous care needs, as their accompaniment may be necessary to carrying out said session.
  • PT’s must stay 2 metres apart from clients, if any closer – wear a mask.
  • PT’s are allowed to train more than one client outdoors a day, provided there is no overlap.
  • What’s classed as a public outdoor space? Parks, beaches, countryside accessible to the public, forests, public gardens (whether or not you pay to enter them), the grounds of a heritage site and playgrounds.
  • Can the PT provide gym equipment for the session? Yes – but only if thoroughly sanitised before and after each use and ensuring social distancing is in place at all times.

Hopefully that’s a bit clearer than mud?

All the best!

Signing out,


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