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Amonax Convertible Ab Wheel Roller

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Amonax Convertible Ab Wheel Roller

Amonax ab workout equipment is robust. The hardcore treaded wheels, the steel bar, the foam handles -this combination can hold a maximum weight of up to 220 kg (441 lbs).

This makes it suitable for anyone who is looking to shed their belly fat or simply just strength your cores.

Manufacturer: Amonax


[Premium Foam Handles] – The handles are ergonomically designed and made from premium quality foams with just the right firmness. During your movement, the majority of your weight is on your hands, it is so essential to have Amonax comfort grips so that you can enjoy the pain that is turning your belly fat into 6 pack muscles without irritating your hands.

[Rubber Wheel Tread] – Amonax ab roller is wrapped around by top quality rubber wheel tyre. The abdominal wheel tread allows the ab roller to roll smoothly on most surfaces with minimal noise level. Amonax abs exercise equipment makes great fitness gifts for any family friends even kids (use with supervision). Amonax stomach fitness roller is an essential home workout equipment for women and men.

[Double Wheel Setting] – Amonax double-wheel setting ab machine gives greater balance and control, making it ideal for beginners. This setting primarily engages the most important muscles of the core: the rectus abdominis – this muscle makes up the often sought-after “six pack abs” (or firm abs). Amonax ab wheel is a great weight loss equipment for home and fitness equipment for home gym.

[Single Wheel Setting] – As you progress to single-wheel setting, Amonax abs roller wheel allows you to engage other muscles including transverse abdominis (the TVA muscles), shoulder muscles, back muscles, forearms and other core muscles. The more unstable it is, the more muscle groups it engages. Amonax abs exercize wheel makes an ideal addition to your gym at home equipment.

[Great Home Gym Equipment] – The two settings ultimately complement each other to help you achieve all your training goals in a more efficient way. Amonax exercise roller is a great piece of fitness gym equipment for home gym. This Ab trimmer can be an ideal addition to your weight loss equipment kit. It is a must-have stomach excercise home fitness equipment kit for both men and women.



Material type

Stainless Steel, Plastic, Rubber



Product Dimensions

‎32 x 17 x 17 cm; 575 Grams




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