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Mirafit Climbing Peg Board

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Mirafit Climbing Peg Board

Perform climbing exercises at home using our wooden Peg Boards for training. Available in a range of sizes, each board is suitable for wall mounting and comes with two dowel peg handles. Climbing holes are 3.9cm deep for a secure hold.

Manufacturer: Mirafit


Available in a choice of two sizes:
72cm X 30cm
124cm X 30cm
Includes two dowel peg handles
Peg board training targets your upper body and grip strength
Great for perfecting dead hangs, single arm hangs and pull up holds
Develop your lock off strength and engage your lats with staggered pull ups and weight shifts
Can be wall-mounted either vertically and horizontally
Position multiple boards side by side to create desired climbing lengths
Thick 39mm plywood construction with a clear coat lacquered finish
Standard wall fixings included




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