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Mirafit GHD Machine

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Mirafit GHD Machine

The glute ham developer – also known as the GHD – is perfect for glute-ham raises, crunches and back extensions. Our GHD Machine comes with built in resistance band pegs which allow for increased progression and thick, comfort shaped pads.

Manufacturer: Mirafit


Glute hamstring developer bench with new improved design
Perfect for glute-ham raises and crunches
The GHD bench can also be used for reverse hyper, back extensions, Russian twists and more making it one of the most effective machines available for training the core and posterior chain
Built in resistance band pegs allow for increased progression
Band pegs also double as handles for moving the machine around using wheels fitted at the rear
Multiple height and length adjustments ensure the machine can be setup correctly for different users and exercises
Smooth sliding mechanism with quick release pins for easy adjustment
Additional locking knobs for extra security once the correct position is found
Anti-slip foot plate with laser Mirafit emblem
Thick, comfort shaped pads with durable, wipe clean vinyl covers
Strong, steel construction with powder coated finish
Pre-drilled foot plates allow machine to easily be bolted down in fixed installations
Net weight approx 68.4kg / 151lbs
Height: 110 – 136cm
Width: 83cm
Depth: 178cm




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