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Mirafit M3 Strongman Yoke

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Mirafit M3 Strongman Yoke

Take Strongman training to the next level with the Mirafit M3 Strongman Yoke. The adjustable height makes it perfect for any type of Strongman workout, whether it’s a yoke carry or Zercher squat. Available in a range of colours and heights.

Manufacturer: Mirafit


Ideal for taking your strongman training to the next level
Multi-function design allows the yoke to be used for standard carry exercises as well as Zercher squats, drag exercises and more
Add J-cups (sold separately) to create a stand that’s also suitable for barbell exercises including bench press and squat making this yoke a highly versatile alternative to a traditional rack
Fully adjustable height with 2″ spacing (1″ through bench area)
17mm hole size compatible with various products from the M3 attachment range
Laser-cut number markings for easy height identification at 5 hole intervals
Strong 60mm x 60mm x 3mm steel uprights with reinforced skid feet and brace plates
Thick 70mm diameter cross bar for comfort when carrying
Add some protection around the cross bar and the yoke also provides a handy adjustable height bar for lifting weighted bags or Atlas Stones over – practice reps or go last man standing with a partner!
4 sturdy pins with grab handles secure the cross bar in place – easily remove to adjust height then lock in place with supplied safety clips
Includes 4 x 40cm removable weight sleeves
Choice of Black or Orange powder coated finish
Three heights available:
183cm (72″) – net weight approx 70kg
208cm (82″) – net weight approx 72.5kg
233cm (92″) – net weight approx 75kg
Measurements (HxWxD):
183cm: 183x126x122cm
208cm: 208x126x122cm
233cm: 233x126x122cm
Delivery & Assembly

This product is delivered in 3 boxes
The courier will often not deliver all of the boxes at the same time. Please wait at least 48 hours for the other boxes to arrive before contacting us
Assembly instructions are included
Please note: tools required for assembly are not included (assembly requires M12 and M16 spanners)




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