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NOVU Fitness Liquid Chalk

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NOVU Fitness Liquid Chalk

Use Liquid Chalk by NOVU Fitness to keep your hands dry and reliable for a safe and efficient workout.

Our fast-drying formula gets you ready to perform in seconds (and it slides right off with a little soap and water!).

Manufacturer: NOVU Fitness


Our Liquid Chalk gives you a superior grip and reliable hands – with none of the messy dust or constant use of an old-fashioned chalk bag.

If you’re looking for …

– Reduced sweat on your hands when you work out

– A strong grip that you can rely on

– An increase in your personal weight limit, climbing speed or pole confidence (Or a chalk that won’t get you thrown out of the gym

… then our Liquid Chalk can help you train harder and push higher.

Just squeeze a small blob onto your palm, rub your hands together, and give it a few seconds to dry. Easy!

When you’ve finished your new and improved workout, use a little soap and water and the chalk comes right off – no dusty air, and no stained clothes.

At NOVU Fitness, we’ve worked hard to bring you the best possible Liquid Chalk for your training and competitions. And we work even harder to make sure every customer is happy after they buy.


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