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AMORPO Weightlifting Chalk Bowl

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AMORPO Weightlifting Chalk Bowl

The base of the Chalk Bowl is equipped with 4 rubber foot covers to increase the grip and effectively ensure the stability of the overall frame.

It also provides the best gymnastics equipment product for organization and cleanliness in gym facilities.

Manufacturer: ‎AMORPO


Using chalk for your training will help keep your hands dry during your workout by absorbing perspiration, keeping your grip strong and secure so you can have a more efficient workout.

Our chalk gym bowl stand height 40inch,weight 5kg. Athletes don’t need to bend down hard to use this chalk bowl. Simple changes make the experience of working out smoother and more enjoyable.

White chalk bowl for gym is made from a hard and durable polyethylene structure. It can store powder and lump chalk.

It is fit for fitness gyms, sports teams, gymnastics studios, weight lifting, workout, rock climbing, gymnastics and bouldering.

Size: 430mm*470mm*925mm
Size: 410mm*370mm*240mm
Pipe size: F25×50×1.5mm

Product net weight



PE plastic box






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