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AQF Power Lifting Belt

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AQF Power Lifting Belt

AQF 4” wide and 10mm thick powerlifting belt for men and women is perfect for providing additional back during heavy lifts whether you are an Olympic lifter, powerlifter, or a casual gym-goer.

It will help reduce stress on the lower back while lifting in an upright position and prevents back hyperextension during overhead lifts.

Manufacturer: ‎AQF


MATERIAL & DURABILITY: The Weightlifting belt is handcrafted with 2 layers of genuine nubuck split leather, finished with a layer of finest suede leather on the inside and outside for comfort and support. It is an ideal core strength training deadlift belt.

PERFECT FIT AND DESIGN: AQF lifting belt features a double prong heavy-duty steel roller buckle for secure and snug fitting with 11 precision-spaced holes for easy tightening and optimal comfort. It will compress the abdomen effectively without strain, pain, and fatigue.

INDUSTRIAL GRADE: The workout belt has 4 rows of double-stitching for durability, and a thick 3cm wide tongue loop to secure the tab. The belt can be stiff when new and may need some break-in time, but you will never need to worry about its reliability.

QUALITY ASSURANCE: AQF power lifting belt is a great choice if you are serious about strength training. This lifting belt keeps you secure and lets you focus on your form, not on adjusting your weight belt. Achieve your body goals with this belt and BE LIMITLESS! International Powerlifting Federation Compliant.

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