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DMoose Ab Roller Wheel With Elbow Support

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DMoose Ab Roller Wheel With Elbow Support

Tested and approved by Physiotherapists and trainers: DMoose ab roller wheel supports the spine, neck, and core muscles like an expert, ensuring stronger and more flexible rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, and oblique muscles – get ready for heavy training.

Elevated Workout Safety: Ab Wheel Roller with elbow pads ensures even pressure around the arms and wrists, guaranteeing injury and risk-free training sessions.

You will never end up exhausted or worn out with the Ab Roller Machine but refreshed and ready for intense training – we recommend not to overdo it but to go with steady progress.

Manufacturer: DMoose


DMoose Core Wheeler with Arm Rest is made of super sturdy steel material (no more low-quality plastics that break in days) and an ergonomic design to deliver results in as little as 2 weeks.

It’s not just an ordinary roller ab machine, but a tool to sculpt your abs quickly and will stay with you for a lifetime, thanks to the robust materials used:

  • Wider wheels (W 4″/10cm, D 7″/17.8cm) specially designed to balance buff bodies, females, elderlies, and people who endured core injuries during heavy workout sessions
  • Premium rubber coating on the steel tire makes it noise-proof and virtually indestructible, ensuring no discomfort during regular or intense abdominal workouts.
  • Stainless steel handles coated with a soft cushion-like material, guaranteeing no injuries even after extended gripping intervals.
  • Padded Elbow Supports on the ab wheel aid in maintaining body balance, preventing exhaustion, and facilitating the healing of core injuries endured during exercise.
  • Weighs only 4lbs/1.8kg lightweight and easy to use for everyone
  • Supports 330lbs or 150kg, making it ideal to use for heavy-weight champions and beginners alike
  • With a length of 16.7″/42.5cm and a width of 15.4″/39cm, the DMoose Abdominal Roller is innovative, compact, and highly travel-friendly.



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