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Dripex Olympic Hex Bar

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Dripex Olympic Hex Bar

Dripex Olympic trap bar is constructed from heavy duty solid stainless steel with a maximum load of 800lbs. Chrome-plated surface is durable and rust-proof.

Regular and raised handles are built with 1.2mm knurling to give you more flexibility with squats, deadlifts, shrugs and the farmer’s walk are can help you work all of the major muscle groups to strengthen your core, improve your functional fitness and develop your total-body strength.

Manufacturer: Dripex


Our Dripex Olympic Trap Bar allows you to deadlift with confidence. The hexagonal frame is ergonomically designed to allow for a linear bar path and keep the weight centered with the body’s midline during lifts. This helps you avoid straining your lumbar spine and it targets your quadriceps. With the Trap Bar there is less space for injury and more space for gains when you are deadlifting, shrugging, and pulling compared to the standard barbell.

Here are five benefits we see of using the Olympic trap bar:

1. The Trap Bar Deadlift is Easier to Teach and Learn than the Barbell Deadlift.
2. The enhanced mechanical stimulus obtained with the Hexagonal Bar Deadlift is a more effective exercise than the Straight Bar Deadlift.
3. The Trap Bar Deadlift has a lower chance of injury to its users than a conventional straight bar deadlift.
4. Everybody’s body is shaped differently. The Olympic Trap Bars come with two different handle heights which it can help in this regard.
5. The Trap Bar is Great for Upper Body Strength. Such as Overhead presses, lying tricep presses, rows, landmine movements, farmer’s walk and more can all be done with the trap bar. There are a ton of exercises that with a little ingenuity can be done.



Material type

Alloy Steel



Maximum weight capacity

‎800 Pounds

Package Dimensions

96 x 61 x 27 cm; 19.96 Kilograms




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