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Florensi Yoga Wheel (3-Pack)

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Florensi Yoga Wheel (3-Pack)

Coming in 3 sizes and varying degrees of firmness/pressure, these foam rollers work regardless of the muscles you need to target for your specific training needs.

Our large wheel is 13” in diameter with gentle pressure, and is excellent for deeper poses and backbends. Our 10” medium pressure roller is great for stretching out your back and hips, and our smallest wheel is 6” in diameter with deep tissue pressure, ideal for massaging the neck, back and legs.

Manufacturer: Florensi


BRINGING STRENGTH, HEALTH & WELLNESS – Our Yoga wheels can help bring positive change to your life. A multi-purpose tool that is great for back massages, but also improving your balance and flexibility, strengthening your core and much more. Through continued practice of yoga you can improve your asanas. Yoga brings with it many mental benefits too, reducing noise, stress and anxiety, letting go of tension that can affect your back.

IMPROVE POSTURE & REDUCE STRAIN – Trigger point tech helps break up tight muscle fibers in the thoracic and lumbar regions, relieving pressure on the spinal cord/nerve roots. Our foam rollers help realign the natural curvature of your spine, restoring an S-curve and promoting healthy posture. They may also help with reducing the chance of injury and preventing scar tissue build-up, Sciatica pain, common conditions such as Herniated/bulging discs, Arthritis, and Osteoporosis.

BUILT TO LAST – Made of premium, eco-friendly thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and 100% PVC-free, our non-slip, skin-friendly, sweat-resistant yoga foam rollers will hold up through repetitive use. A strong rigid core supports up to 500lbs and doesn’t flex or bend under pressure. With the thickest foam padding available, our wheels provide a soft, comfortable surface, cushioning your back, palms, or feet. Lightweight and portable, use these wheels whether at the gym, at home or traveling.

DEEPEN YOUR YOGA PRACTICE WITH FLORENSI – We feel passionate that yoga and meditation play a crucial role in health and well-being. Through our yoga and meditation equipment, we strive to promote physical well-being and encourage oneness by connecting the self with nature. Our yoga wheels make a wonderful gift for health and wellness enthusiasts, regardless of level of expertise. Join us on our mission in bringing positivity, light, health and wellness to the society we are a part of.



Material type

Made of premium and eco-friendly Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) that is durable, stable, light, and odorless.



Package Dimensions

41.61 x 34.29 x 14.3 cm; 3.47 Kilograms




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