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Mirafit 40mm Thick Rubber Gym Floor Mats

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Mirafit 40mm Thick Rubber Gym Floor Mats

Our heavy duty 40mm Gym Flooring Mats are great for protecting your floor and equipment while training. Each tile is 61cm square and made from durable, shock absorbing, crumb rubber to reduce noise and vibrations. Ideal for garages, studios and gyms.

Manufacturer: Mirafit


Supplied as a set of 2 or a set of 8 tiles
Each tile is a 61cm x 61cm square
Eight mat set covers a floor area of 244cm x 122cm (8ft x 4ft)
Durable crumb rubber construction
Excellent shock absorption properties
Reduces wear and tear on weightlifting equipment and protects floors
Reduces noise and vibrations whilst exercising
Ideal flooring solution for home gyms, PT studios and garages
Easy to install – simply lays in place
TUV approved
Also compatible with the Mirafit deadlift platform




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