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Mirafit 48mm Quick Release Collars

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Mirafit 48mm Quick Release Collars

These collars are designed specifically to fit 48mm Specialist Bar Sleeves including those found on our Micro Farmers Walk Handles and Trap Bar with Stand. Robust and secure, these collars will keep your plates securely in place.

Manufacturer: Mirafit


Supplied in pairs
Compatible with specialist 48mm bars (use 50mm collars for Olympic barbells)
Exclusive grey colour stands out from other Mirafit collars making identification easy
Quick release design – ideal for fast weight changes
Easy locking clamp design – simply slide onto the bar and close the clamp
High density textured rubber inserts prevent collars from sliding when locked in position
Up to ten times stronger than standard spring collars
Width per collar: 5.1cm
Which Mirafit products fit these collars?

Mini Farmers Walk Handles (from end May 2020)
Olympic Trap Bar With Stand (from end May 2020)
All Olympic Weight Plate Storage Poles




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