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Mirafit Crumb Rubber Olympic Bumper Plates

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Mirafit Crumb Rubber Olympic Bumper Plates

Enhance your training with our Crumb Rubber Olympic Bumper Plates. They’re designed to be exceptionally durable with excellent impact absorption. Weight plate sizes range from 5kg to 25kg. Standard 45cm IWF diameter.

Manufacturer: Mirafit


Rubber crumb construction provides excellent impact protection
Stainless steel centre ring
Raised Mirafit logo and weight label
Suitable for use on Olympic diameter bars
45cm diameter (IWF standard)
Approx plate thickness:
5kg bumper plate: 3.5cm
10kg bumper plate: 6cm
15kg bumper plate: 7.5cm
20kg bumper plate: 8.3cm
25kg bumper plate: 9cm




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