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Mirafit M200 Power Rack

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Mirafit M200 Power Rack

Our M200 Power Rack features a 60mm steel frame in a choice of black or orange finish. The design provides plenty of room for squat and bench press exercises. With UHMW lined J-Cups and spotters this cage offers excellent all round protection.

Manufacturer: Mirafit


Our M200 rack features an uprated 60mm steel frame, more attachment holes and increased protection for both user and barbell.
Powder coated finish in a choice of black or orange
Full length safety spotters with UHMW liners – protects against barbell damage
J-Cups with UHMW liners
Strong 60mm x 60mm steel frame
Steel thickness ranges from 2mm right up to 6mm
6mm thick steel brace plates on all uprights
Fully adjustable – 16 levels
1″ diameter holes spaced at 8cm intervals
Bolt down feet for extra stability
Rear base bar position provides increased room for weight bench positioning within the cage
Straight grip pull up bar suitable for pull ups and muscle ups
Pull up bar diameter: 32mm with matt black finish.
Suitable for use with a 7ft or 6ft international barbell. Please note this cage is too wide for a standard 6ft barbell
Compatible with a range of attachments (see below)
The foot plates are pre-drilled with 11mm diameter holes but floor fixings are NOT included and will vary depending on your floor type. For masonry floors we recommend our Floor Fixing Kit (sold separately)
Total Height: 220cm (223cm with cable system fitted). We also offer a shorter 6ft version available here.
Total Width: 147cm (122cm to outside of uprights)
Total Depth: 141cm (180cm with cable system fitted)
Internal Depth: 74cm
Frame: 60mm X 60mm
Net weight: 84kg / 185lbs (excluding cable system)
Barbell Max load: 350kg
How does the M200 rack compare to the M100 rack?

The M200 is taller and heavier
The M200 uses larger 60mm steel box sections (the M100 uses 50mm)
The M200 has thicker steel brace plates
The M200 has full length UHMW protection on the spotters
The M200 has more holes for attachments to be added
The M200 has a larger internal workout space
The M200 is stronger and has a higher max load
What attachments are available?

Cable upgrade system (available here)
Weight storage poles (available here)
Fractional plate storage poles (available here)
Dip bars (available here)
Landmine attachment (available here)
Multi grip pull up bar (available here)
Safety spotters (available here)
Wrist roller (available here)
Barbell Holder (available here)
Delivery & Assembly

This product is delivered in 3 boxes
The courier will often not deliver all of the boxes at the same time. Please wait at least 48 hours for the other boxes to arrive before contacting us
Assembly instructions are included
Please note: tools required for assembly are not included but are available here
During assembly pay special attention to the rear base bar which has two sets of holes. Ensure you follow the assembly diagrams to use the correct set of holes otherwise this will cause alignment issues. The spare holes are in place to accommodate optional weight storage poles.


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