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Mirafit M3 7ft 20KG Olympic Barbell

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Mirafit M3 7ft 20KG Olympic Barbell

Our M3 7ft 20kg Barbells are ideal for giving your gym a unique edge. The black and orange finish helps to protect your bar against wear and provides a super slick look.

Manufacturer: Mirafit


7ft bar with hybrid grip pattern to suit a wide range of weightlifting exercises
Ideal for general gym work aswell as both Olympic lifts and powerlifting
Tested to 680kg (1500lb)
Sprung steel bar
Orange centre with black zinc coat sleeves
Bronze bushings
Eight-piece needle bearings
Hybrid grip pattern featuring dual knurl marks
No centre knurling
Branded rubber inserts and end caps
Suitable for use with 2″ Olympic weight plates
Please note this bar is designed for training. It is not competition certified.
Please note black sleeves will scratch over time. If you are concerned about this we recommend our bars with chrome sleeves
Bar weight: 20kg (44lbs)
Bar length: 220cm (7.2ft)
Grip diameter: 28mm
Centre length: 131cm (4.3ft)
Sleeve diameter: 50mm (2″)
Sleeve length: 41.65cm (16.4″)
Load testing: 680kg/1500lb
Tensile strength: 218k psi




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