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Mirafit Mini Farmers Walk Handles

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Mirafit Mini Farmers Walk Handles

Farmers Walk Handles are essential for helping you to build carry and grip strength. Our mini bars are small enough for home gyms but large enough to handle an intense amount of weight. Perfect for improving your functional fitness levels.

Manufacturer: Mirafit


Perfect if you want to incorporate farmers walk into your regime but don’t have the storage space for full sized bars
Their compact design is ideal for home gyms and studios
Simply load up with Olympic weight discs and walk
Improves carry endurance, grip strength and balance in a simple strongman workout
Heavy duty black powder-coated steel construction
Please note the sleeves on this bar are 48mm diameter so will require our specialist 48mm collars
Product specifications (per handle):
Net weight: 5.5kg
Maximum load: 100kg
Total height: 50.5cm
Handle length: 17cm
Handle diameter: 4.9cm
Sleeve length: 39cm
Sleeve diameter: 48mm




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