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Mirafit Multi Grip Strongman Log 10″

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Mirafit Multi Grip Strongman Log 10″

Our Multi Grip Strongman Log is the ultimate tool to incorporate into your Strongman training. The two neutral grip positions reduce stress on your shoulders and the 300kg capacity allows you to really take your training to the next level.

Manufacturer: Mirafit


10″ diameter steel log weighing approx 31kg
32mm grip diameter
Two neutral handle positions
Handles spaced at 58.5cm and 78cm apart
Matte black powder-coated steel construction
Suitable for cleans, presses and rows
For hypertrophy, strength and endurance training
Total length: 195cm
Sleeve length: 35cm
Bar weight: 31kg
Diameter: 25cm
Maximum load: 300kg
Lift and lower with control – this product is not designed to be dropped from above the head




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