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Mirafit Olympic Cambered Bar

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Mirafit Olympic Cambered Bar

Add variety to your squat workouts with our Cambered Olympic Bar. The angled design makes holding the bar more comfortable on your wrists and shoulders. And the 50mm diameter helps to spread the load. The bar weighs 25kg and holds up to 400kg.

Manufacturer: Mirafit


Please note the powder coated finish on this bar will scratch as it is rubbed against other metal items such as racks and stands
Perfect for adding variety to your squats
Encourages correct torso alignment and form as the centre of gravity shifts the load forward
Reduces strain and alleviates pressure on shoulders and wrists
Matt black powder coated finish without knurling
For use with all Olympic 2″ weight plates
Total length: 198.5cm
Sleeve length: 30cm
Approx. Bar weight: 25kg
Maximum load: 400kg




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