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Mirafit Olympic Weightlifting Jerk Blocks

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Mirafit Olympic Weightlifting Jerk Blocks

Improve your weightlifting technique and progress your form using our Olympic Weightlifting Jerk Blocks.
Each block has been reinforced with a durable, double wall construction.
Precision cut and with drop pads built in.
Set of six.

Manufacturer: MiraFit


Set of six blocks:
2 x 15″ blocks
2 x 12″ blocks
2 x 6″ blocks

Optional extra 4″ blocks available for a taller platform height
Drop pads built into the top blocks absorb impact and reduce noise
Important: The 6″ blocks with the drop pads must be on top in all configurations. Do not drop the weights directly on top of any of the wooden top blocks. We will not replace blocks that have been misused.
Precision cut plywood with smooth, sealed finish and laser logos
Durable double wall construction
Reinforced internal brace structure within each block for added strength
Raised edges provide a stable rest for your barbell
Stackable design allows you to customise your lift height
Handle cut-outs for easy movement
Arrives fully-assembled – no asssembly required
Each box is 90cm deep x 50cm
Note: for maximum stability always ensure the largest blocks in use are stacked closest to the floor
Important: this product is designed for use on a smooth, level floor. Using on an uneven surface where the blocks are not completely in contact with the floor can damage the blocks.




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