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Mirafit Squat Box

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Mirafit Squat Box

If you’re looking for improved squat depth, our latest Squat Box is the perfect training partner. Along with a large padded seat for comfort and grippy rubber foot caps, the design now boasts seven adjustable heights to help you progress.

Manufacturer: Mirafit


Improved Gen II model offers:
Improved platform with padded cushion for added comfort
Increased range of height adjustment with more levels
Rubber Mirafit emblem foot caps
Seven adjustable height levels
Quick release adjustment knobs
Secondary knobs and pins for extra stability and security
Large padded cushion with wipe clean vinyl cover
Helps teach and maintain accurate squatting technique
Box squats help development of the posterior chain muscles
Height: 34cm (lowest position) / 46.5cm (highest position)
Seat width: 46cm
Base width: 56cm
Base depth: 58cm




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