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PhysKcal EZ Curl Bar

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PhysKcal EZ Curl Bar

An EZ Curl Bar is undoubtedly the king of bicep muscle-building equipment. This component has been popular among the top bodybuilders of every era, and it continues to be a vital element in just about any bicep workout routine.

This bar is ideal for isolated bi and tri exercises, and perfect for accessory work for pull-ups, rowing, climbing, grappling, and developing upper body stabilizer muscles.

Manufacturer: ‎PhysKcal


???? ??? ?????, ????? ?? ???? – The PhsyKcal Curl Bars are made with high-quality steel and hold up to 367kg/810lbs. This ez curl bar is designed to challenge your limits and hold heavy weights for curls, rows, extensions, zercher squats, and more!

?????? ?????, ???? ?????? – The curved shaft allows your wrists and elbows to remain in a more natural position and directly engage of your upper- and forearm muscles, thus you’ll never have to worry about inertia straining your wrists and causing injury. With multiple grips to choose from, you can target different muscles with the same movement.

?????-????????? ?????? – The shaft of this ez curl bar is coated with a black “E-coat” finish. Not only does this black-chrome combo give the cool look of a premium bar, it helps minimize the build-up of rust. Lift your barbell weights without getting your hands dirty.

?????? ??????? ?????? ??????? – Whether you’re going for good looks or rust resistance, you can’t go wrong with this bar! This bar has hybrid sleeves, with one ball bearing and one bushing per sleeve, providing a combination of spin and stability.

??????? ?????? ???????? ???? ????? – This Curl Bar has a length of 120CM which makes it a perfect workout equipment for gyms with a smaller space or during a fitness class with many participants.



Material type


Included components

‎1x PhysKcal Curl Bar, 1x Instruction Sheet



Maximum weight capacity

‎300 Kilograms

Product Dimensions

118 x 6 x 6 cm; 9.5 Kilograms




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