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Yes4All Battle Rope (38mm/50mm)

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Yes4All Battle Rope (38mm/50mm)

Yes4All Battle Rope with Cover helps you burn fat and build strong, lean muscles. The anchor strap that come with the rope help add more variety and safety to your workout routine.

Build a home gym anywhere with our battle ropes! The durability and the portability help make it so that our ropes can be the top choices for any at-home fitness lover.

Manufacturer: Yes4All


PREMIUM QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Yes4All Battle Rope is made of 100% poly dacron material with protective nylon sleeves to prevent fraying as well as keeping it clean, making the rope extremely durable.

ANCHOR AND STRAP INCLUDED: Comes with an anchor and a strap to offer another way to train. Easy and quick to install, these can be valuable tools to help further prevent damage to your rope as well as providing more safety and variety to your routine.

25.4 CM EXTRA LONG HANDLES: Features 25.4 cm extra-long handles made from heat shrink material, providing great protection for your hands and a more secure, firm non-slip grip during intense exercises.

ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: Our battle rope is quick and easy to store as well as set up even with the included equipment, saving you time and energy later to maximize the effectiveness of your training.


With Protection Sleeve and Anchor + Strap

Material type

‎Poly dacron, Nylon

Included components

‎Steel Anchor, Strap






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